Technology, the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment. the subject of technology is treated in a number of articles. for general treatment, see technology, history of; hand tool. for description of the materials that are both the object and means of manipulating the. Technology: [noun] the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area : engineering 2. a capability given by the practical application of knowledge. Technology is human knowledge which involves tools, materials, and systems. the application of technology typically results in products. if technology is well applied, it benefits humans, but the opposite is true, if used for malicious reasons. many businesses are using technology to stay competitive, they create new products and services using. Get the latest bbc technology news: breaking news and analysis on computing, the web, blogs, games, gadgets, social media, broadband and more. Mechanical technology is the use of simple machines to solve problems. this includes the use of pulleys, levers, wheels and axles, wedges, inclined planes, and even cogs and gears. mechanical.